About Us

Forrest Construction, Inc. has been servicing Andersen® Windows for over 10 years. If you have questions about an Andersen® product we can answer them. If
you need service on your Andersen® product we can fix it. If you want to replace
your older windows with Andersen® we can do that too.

Contact us at:  see our Contact Us contact us page.

You can also contact Andersen® Windows directly at: 1-888-888-7020 or visit
their web page at: www.andersenwindows.com

We started servicing Andersen® Windows in Western Wisconsin along the St. Croix river. We now offer our services in all of Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota/Twin Cities Metro along with window and door replacement. We also provide other remodeling and construction-related services in Western Wisconsin.

Andersen® Corporation has been part of our company's life from the beginning and even before that. Many of our employees used to work in the factory at Andersen® Windows making some of the products you may be using today. Many of our friends and family still work for Andersen Windows, so when you are having a problem with your Andersen® product we want to help you get it resolved as soon as possible so you can go back to enjoying your Andersen® products for life. Andersen® Windows is known throughout the industry as having the best warranty program. They offer a 20-year warranty on glass and a 10-year warranty on practically everything else. See warranty info for more details.

For the "do it yourselfer" we also have an online store where customers can purchase Andersen® replacement parts. If the part you want is not in our store please contact us and we will get it for you.